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Want to get your website on the rank #1.? Need to capture the needs of the customers into your business? Here we are, the right source for getting all your business needs online.

Our agency, Prateeskha Web Design, ensures that your site is always current fresh with the trends. Our website maintenance india includes updates of contents and images along with support through email or telephone. Further activities also include revisions, editing and changing existing web pages. Whether your needs are short term or long term, we support with online marketing as per your business needs. Our easy go options help you to select the right one for best website maintenance companies.

Why Prateeksha Web Design As Your AMC Provider?

  • Website updates, within 1 working day
  • Checks on website performance periodically
  • Checks on server performance
  • Removal of incompatible browser, virus and bugs
  • Backups of website and data base on monthly basis
  • Updates with addition and edits on contents
  • Updating CMS Core and Plug-in
  • Checks on broken links
  • Identifying errors and resolving
  • Regular WordPress software updates
  • Check on security of website
  • Team of qualified and experienced developers
  • Support 24 x7
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Why web maintenance?

  • Higher ranking in Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing as these prefer updated and fresh contents.
  • Attracts more visitors for re-visits
  • Create impression of always being updated
  • Looked as being well organized
  • Have updated content for communication

Our WordPress Maintenance services

  • Updates on contents and images
  • Scheduled backups
  • Maintain functionality
  • Adding new links and pages
  • Updated WordPress software
  • Deliver within short time
  • Deliver quality service
  • Unique WordPress maintenance service
  • Professional and dedicated team
  • Work along with clients
  • WordPress support through security and plug-in checks
  • Team of experienced WordPress developers
  • Additional services-copywriting, website analysis, graphic designs, Gif animation design, SEO, online marketing and programming
  • Selective options of making alterations
  • Selected services are outsourced

Our Website Maintenance Packages

  • Reasonable charges
  • Website maintenance contract from 6 months to one year
  • Does not include re-design or reconstruction
  • Depends on size and complexity of website
  • Monthly contract or billed per hour

Website Maintenance Plans

Website maintenance services Webdesign Parteeksha Web

Updating content

It is one of the main tasks in Website Maintenance services list. This is to get the latest and updated news into you site to encourage more visitors.

Upgrading technology

Using updated and upgraded technology helps for the quicker and safe migration of data.

Website maintenance Responsive Webdesign
Website maintenance plan Prateeksha Wordpress CMS

Backup Information

Our service center functions as centralized hub for web hosting, and maintenance. Our dedicated team completes the task efficiently.


Our customer support team attends to all queries either through phone or provide solutions through email.

Best website maintenance Prateeksha Custom Webdesign
Webdesign maintenance Content Update

Database Management

Our highly specialized team provide solutions to existing and new website queries related to data base issues.

Monitoring of webserver

Our dedicated technicians make sure the servers are optimized to perform at peak levels so that there is no hassles with the hardware and software.

Best website maintenance Prateeksha Custom Webdesign
Webdesign maintenance Content Update

Checking for spams

We ensure that site does not accept comments or contents created by users indicating for any spams that would have gotten through filters.

Check for functionality

We make sure that if there are any forms like contact details, signup forms, checkout etc. are working to cater to your business goals.

Best website maintenance Prateeksha Custom Webdesign

Additional packages to benefit YOU

Our website maintenance package includes ‘outsourced’ jobs as mentioned below to help you keep you site in good condition.

  • Re-structuring site contents
  • Work on monthly newsletter
  • Maintenance of email list
  • Post company news, third party articles or surveys
  • Replacing, manipulating and adding images
  • Updates on shopping cart
  • Adding links
  • Traffic reports
  • Creating backups
  • Creating and uploading Pdf
  • Making specific teasers on front page to announce new products
  • Encouraging visitors to spend more time

If you own a business and have website, leave the hassles to us and we take care of all the necessary required for maintaining website. We offer packages that are affordable and delivery is as promised. Our payment is mostly 50% before work begins and rest after delivery.

Come get your Website maintenance services from Prateeksha web Design at affordable website maintenance services fees, the most trusted agency in this sector. You take care of your business and we take care of your website!!