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Theme Customization, Fixing of issues and problems, Plugin installation, Enabling Security, Backups and Restoration of site,

Wordpress Customization

Most of websites behind any business is under the good hands of the leading most customizable WordPress CMS. It is considered to have the most easy to use and maintain functionalities with open source and that is free with a build-in SEO features.
Would you prefer a responsive website that has its functionalities running smoothly without any hassles. Then opt for Wbcom Designs that would keep you updated on the contents without any hitches through the continuous support of our developers.

Wordpress Customization


Providing maintenance


Securing data


Automating backups


24x7 support through ticketing services

How effective is our services


Installation and integration of WordPress

Our team of developers are well versed in making the necessary installation based on the requirement and integrate with the theme as per your needs. Any error is corrected while making the configuration changes..

Well-equipped dashboard

Being the main feature of the wordpress installation, our team of experts work through the contents whether it is update or publishing new contents. We help to update your business website without disturbing the design.


Customizing and selecting themes

Our panel of experts help you make the right choice of themes based on your business needs. We make use of the available templates or customize to your requirements. We customize to make your business standout from the crowd.

Incorporate social network

To make your presence felt in the social media site, we support with strategies that enhance your site to be noticed and followed through services like email marketing and integrating with social media.


Being SEO friendly

All that is required for optimizing WordPress with search engines are taken care of by our experts. To name a few are training and consultancy in SEO, troubleshooting and audit, optimization, local and managed aspects

Protecting your site

Our prime concern is to have your site protected from malware. Our team of experts secure your website through regular monitoring and audits. The process also involves clean up of malware.


Our comprehensive services

Our team of experts are specialized in creating effective and high performing websites using the best technologies.

Our team works out with your business and install the best themes, plug-ins, setup of email, text file and perform the necessary configuration.

Through our customized designs, your business is sure to stand out and make a difference with the support of better navigation and user interface. We help develop designs and codes to suit to your requirement.

Your business needs are integrated with the support of team of programmers providing you the complete solution.

Our experienced system team are available to support your business needs with right choice and advice.

Don’t get worried about the transferring of data from other sources. We make your effort easier with the support of our experienced team.

Once assigned, you are assured of having your site audited frequently to save you from unnecessary issues.

Our expert team are well versed in handling conversions of PSD, pdf-html or other sources to WordPress.

Based on your business needs and further to expansion, we cater to developing shopping cart to enhance e-commerce.

Developing WordPress blog is also one of the main part of our services which help individuals bring forth their experiences required for making the right choices and also provide a learning phase.