Wordpress Maintenance services – We can do anything in WordPress

Wordpress Fix:

Solving WordPress errors and problems are confusing and irritating for some people. I have helped many of my friends and clients to solve these problems. We are having more than 4 years of experience in WordPress. So we can quickly fix any WordPress issues or problems like bugs, page errors, plugins errors, customization, etc.

Normal WordPress issues

  • WordPress Issues and troubleshooting: The latest pesky version of WordPress cause many problems and also disturb the users. Don’t worry; we will quickly fix this errors within a short period.
  • WordPress Plugin Issues and troubleshooting: WordPress plugin issue is the common one, we will genuinely notice the problem and find out the issues and solve it.
  • White Screen of death: Sometimes, if you update the WordPress, your website looks turns into the white screen. It is called as a White screen of death. We will ultimately solve this issue.
  • Locked out of WordPress: You can’t able to lock into the WordPress? No issues, we can help you to login into your WordPress.
  • General WordPress Issue Troubleshooting: Sometimes, you don’t know what happens to your WordPress site, it gets stuck. If you face this issue, contact us today, we will give incredible WordPress insights.
  • WordPress Bug repair and troubleshooting: We are an expert to fix any WordPress bugs. Our favorite one is squishing bugs, and we are rocking on this season.
  • WordPress Themes issues and troubleshooting: Are you having the improper working of WordPress themes? Immediately contact us, we will completely rectify your issues.
  • Speed Optimization Services in WordPress: We are capable of speed up your WordPress website. Our customized WordPress speed optimization services will make your slow loading website into load within 2 seconds of time with the high-quality hosting.
  • If your website loads faster, you can get the higher rank and also the customers regularly visit which an increase in enquires and sales.
  • Minimize Javascript and CSS: We are mainly focusing on minifying all scripts and styles, use expiring headers, styles in the page head and use only scripts for the footer.
  • Enable Compression: We will provide zip compression from your server or any other assets. This will helps you to reduce the loading time.
  • Optimize Image: We use lossless compression to reduce the size of the image without reducing their quality. We also provide auto compression when you upload the image.
  • Leverage Browser Caching: We will make the regular updated, saved version of your website. This will helps the visitors to see the latest version of your website which loads faster instead of loading the whole website.
  • Minimize Server Response Time: Most of the slow websites active only on the inadequate server. If your server does not provide adequate services, then choose the WordPress hosting services which is completely free.
  • Render-Blocking Resources: We use only Javascript/CSS files, Google font codes and good fonts which will help to load your website faster and also give the awesome look to your website.

Wordpress Upgrade Packages:

WordPress upgrade packages include:

  • Update all the themes and plugins
  • Remove the unwanted or inactive WordPress themes.
  • Upgrade your current theme manually (Note: We have to use the latest version for paid plugins).
  • Upgrade the database to the latest stable WordPress version.
  • Remove all the vulnerable and obsolete WordPress core files manually.
  • You can save the backup of your working database and all website files to our external hard drive.
  • Update the latest version of WordPress core files.
  • To keep your site working effectively, we will optimize your website database.
  • Upgrade both Twenty ten and twenty eleven WordPress default themes manually.
  • We will check your updated site, themes, plugins whether it works correctly or not.
  • We will review the compatibility and conflict of your WordPress plugins and themes.

Wordpress Comprehensive Installation

We Prateeksha Web design will make you travel in a right path while you are launching your WordPress blogs or websites. We will provide the best services to install WordPress which means we will make your proper WordPress installation with all needed plugins and your favorite themes. WordPress installation and setup is the complete package of services which will provide your website with the required features, security protections, functionality, SEO configurations, etc.

WordPress is the best one; no other CMS has such benefits. If you want to start a new website and working today, contact our WordPress installation services and view your live webpage today itself.

We are well experienced and huge knowledge in WordPress, and we will make your WordPress and its plugins. So that you can use the advanced features in the WordPress like permalinks, plugins for backup, visual builder plugins, security plugins, and a responsive theme.

Wordpress Maintenence

Wordpress Migration Services

About WordPress migration:

The process of moving the WordPress install from one working server to another server without affecting its function is called WordPress migration. If you want to move your website to the better hosting or need to change the temporary subdomain into the primary domain, you have to use this service.

We are the best experts in WordPress migration services. If you want to change your site into the new host or change into the WordPress platform, meet us, we will do any WordPress migration to your website

  • Move your completely developed website into the primary domain.
  • Move from subdomain to the main domain
  • Clone website to any URL
  • Move to the best hosting provider.
  • Move the site from the old domain to the new, different domain

This service also includes:

  • Free test of WordPress site speed.
  • All post, WP themes, files, and images.
  • Complete activation of your blog or site on the new server.
  • All WordPress plugins and customization.