Boost your website with a new Website Redesign

A website redesign will help you to boost traffic and also be update with the latest look and technology

How we can help you with your Website Redesign

Are you finding your business sitting stagnant without any leads?
Does your website look dull and outdated?
Your ROI is dull and have no tracking analysis to know your status.
Is your answer “Yes” for the above, then you urgently need to consider Our Website Redesign Services immediately so that you don’t lose more!

Our website redesign project plan?

Revamping or redesigning of website is

  • To stand high in the market
  • Get more convertibility rates
  • Attract more customers
  • Changes to behavior of customer
  • Follow trends
  • Keeping website updates and fresh
  • Increase visibility
  • Increase reputation

What we do?

We at Prateeksha Web Design, use new strategies for redesigning called as ‘inbound website’ that includes inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a strategy to use the method of content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and branding to draw customers to the products or services. I also help to build online website that attract prospects and generate leads. The aim is to sell around the clock.

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Creating marketing content

  • We build you blog and SEO pages to attract site visitors to your site.
  • We build conversion elements like landing pages and calls to action to convert visitors Into leads through use of forms or other tools to gather information.
  • We integrate personalization and smart content that tailors your website
  • We make aware about the issues faced giving a reference to your product to get the solution.
  • We undertake thorough review of existing website to evaluate website content to take necessary action.
  • We conduct a content audit of web pages, articles, videos, images, to know your business expectations and consider rework areas.
  • We analyze which pages the customer visits frequently to make the necessary changes

Customer driven design

  • We investigate your website and get to know which business section is not fulfilling its goals. This is done by using heat maps, tools like Hotjar.
  • We help make necessary changes to the design by incorporating new elements
  • We make the User Interface usable, clear and easy to use.
  • We position the site elements is proper location and the imagery of high quality
  • We provide the correct color scheme.
  • We make use of legible fonts of appropriate size, proper letter, line spacing
  • We use sub- headings and paragraphs.
Website maintenance Responsive Webdesign
Website maintenance plan Prateeksha Wordpress CMS


  • We optimize your website to suit all platforms namely mobiles or desktops.
  • We ensure better user experience while redesigning.
  • We approach through device-agnostic method where fluid grid based on percentages is selected to define breakpoints, remove unnecessary content.

Social media integration

  • We help you increase your customer potential and increase brand.
  • We provide customers with fresh, updated and relevant content.
  • We structure the website such that customers can easily connect through social media platforms using the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons on landing pages, blog posts, product and service pages
  • We make easier to connect through social logins than lengthy registration process.
  • We target promotional and specialized content reducing bounce rates.
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Webdesign maintenance Content Update

Speed and performance

  • We ensure that speed is not an issue as it could affect your performance.
  • We do not re-use your current structure but work out on a new structure to be flexible as business grow
  • We use optimized, clean CSS and focus on re-suing code resulting in smaller CSS and HTML files.
  • We minimize Javascript request by loading it when necessary and optimize images using sprites and icon fonts to enhance speed.
  • We utilize CDN that offers speed, security, enabling static and dynamic content.

Our services

We work out meticulously on the plan to migrate data to new CMS for the website redesign process as per the SEO precautions.
We analyze the key areas of redesign and help develop a cohesive plan and ensure re-design is a success. you can view our website redesign examples.
Our team of developers, IT, designers, marketing, sales all work towards the same objective of getting your website running without any hassles.

Make that change in your website by hiring our website redesign services and make that difference to be no.1.

Let us make the difference for you!