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We design responsive websites that don’t just focus on visual appeal, content, layout and typography but take into account other important features like aesthetic value, SEO, User Experience (UX), easy to use navigation, functionality and mobile friendliness. With every website your get with awesome tools for managing content and marketing your blog.

Investing in a good web design company can greatly transform your business – Changing the website look and feel, increasing it’s reach and converting leads into customer. We have the ability (you can check out portfolio!), and also experience or more than 12 years. Over 500 clients have employed us for our web design services, all benefiting from the expertise of our designers and developers.

You get a dynamic website with a Custom Theme that is attractive and visually appealing, WordPress for managing and promoting your website. WordPress is a very popular and a scalable solution, that gives you the ability to add more modules and features to enhance the value of the website. You also get a Domain Name, Premium Web Hosting, and easy to use tools where you can update the text and image content of your pages and add sub-pages. We will SEO optimize your website with keywords that is related to your website. The site will also linked and integrated with Social Media Websites


Price matters, but quality matters most!

In today’s business environment, Time is of great essence but without quality, success cannot be ensured. In a website quality is most important. Quality in a website applies to design, coding and marketing. We have a team of professional designers and coders that help to make the best good looking website you get, that is fully functional and optimized to load quickly. We strive to be of international standards.

People always assume that all website designers deliver the same quality of products or services. But that is not all together true. Level of services, promptness and design as well as quality of service differs from company to company.

Kindly consider our quality and then decide what will give you best value for money. Please contact us to get a quote for your website.


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Responsive and Dynamic Website

All our websites are responsive. That means it displays correctly on all devices e.g. Mobile, iPad, Desktop, Laptops, and platforms e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac and also browsers like FireFox, Chrome, IE (Major versions) and Safari. If it is a small mobile, it will automatically resize itself to a smaller width, loading everything within that width, with readable text using optimum font size

We will give you a Dynamic website which means that there will be modules that will be automatically updated itself when you add new content e.g. Latest News. You can simply add a news article once, and it will automatically be reflected on the News Widget homepage and News pages Similarly, there are Upcoming Events, Media items etc. The pages will have modules that are connected to the database to show all the new changes etc.


WordPress CMS

We will give you a WordPress site that means that site will be built using WordPress Content Management System. This is a backend software that allows you add and manage your pages and content. You can easily upload images, videos and media to the website

WordPress is expandable that means you can add plugins and extensions to increase the functionality to the website and add more features. You can add any plugin like Document Manager, Paid Membership, Events etc. You can add Ecommerce features to the site.

You can add modules to get feeds from other sites like SoundCloud, Instragram, Facebook etc. You can also link WordPress to other channels via API.


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This is the third time we have used Prateeksha web design services. Rest assured your vision, dreams, and ideas will be fully realized by using this web design service. We consider Prateeksha web design services a partner in any project. –



Website Maintenence

We can maintain your website, make changes, fix errors, troubleshoot website issues, take backups and also optimize the site for quick loading.

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Website Redesigning

If your website is not getting enough traffic, or simply does not look hip enough then you may need to revamp your website with a better design, structured navigation and SEO optimized content.

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