Wordpress Custom Theme

What is a theme? It is the “look and feel” of your website. There are literally many thousands of WordPress themes out there. Some are “stand-alone” but the better ones called “child themes” rely on a “parent” theme “framework.”

We have developed our own Theme Framework and also like the Genesis engine which is made by Studio Press. … and we have most often standardized on their engine and all themes that run with it (often called Genesis themes.)

Show us a theme or web homepage you like and we’ll make it for you (with your own colors and modifications.) OR… sketch us a pix of the layout you envision (you can use this free site to draw it,) and send us something as simple as this. We can work with you to refine it. We can give you any layout you want, it just might cost a little bit extra then using a “pre-set” theme (below.)

However, if you want to do a theme-search, here is one of the best sites for theme. ThemeForest

Please note: People ask “can you make modification?” Well of course we can… and do! Lots of them. We can change colors, take out boxes, add boxes… we can do lots and lots of changes. Find something that you think will work for you and let us advise you on it.