Website Redesigning

How does website redesign strategy help you?

Your website is important tool for connecting with customers. getting new customers and generating new business for your company. It is your best salesman that works 24×7 to market your products. Hence it is very important to maximize its effectiveness to get the desired results. You should “sharpen his skills” whenever possible by adding features or making it more informative and interactive. Sometimes you need to Redesign it to make it look good.

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You can upgrade to the latest Content Management System.

Content management system is the database driven software that your website works on. They have regular updates / upgrades and you need to keep updating your software periodically. Having a CMS that is outdated, can create security issues and allow hackers to break in and add their own malicious code. Moreover technologies keeps changing and new plugins are created to make website function better.

You need to update your CMS regularly, add more features via plugins, and also use the latest technology or Saas services so that your work goes on smoothly.

Case Study: Joomla was one the most popular Content Management System when the version was 1.5. It was so popular that there were more than 4000+ plugins and themes available for it and thousands of developers working to develop products for it. Joomla Developers then decided to release 2.5 and abandon support for J1.5. All website owners having J1.5 after a period of time faced huge securities issues and sites were hacked at light speed.

All the J1.5 owners had to migrate to J2.5 to be secure and also get future updates.

The look and feel of the website can be greatly improved.

Fashion and Design trends change quickly. Design styles also go out of fashion over a period of time which makes the site looks very contemporary and unusable. The key is to have your site redesigned to look technically advanced. New widgets or plugins are introduced at all times and you can add those features to the site to offer better functions to your customers. You get a new site “look and feel” and lift conversion at the same time.

UX (user experience) is one of the most important factor that visitors stay on your site. Considering the short attention span visitors have today, if you have an outdated website with features from stone age and graphics that don’t look fresh, chances are visitors will not respond well. They may simply leave the site and look for better alternatives.

Google which is one of the most important search engines always look for fresh content and blog postings, new images, videos and decent site design. The more the customers stays on the site, the higher the ranking

Make your site Mobile Friendly

If you site is not mobile friendly, then you are losing out on a lot of customers. More than 40% of the users today are using the mobile for surfing. Your site has to look good on all devices. More and more people are using smartphones, and spend more and more time on it. Many people use their phones exclusively to make purchases online. If you cart or website is not mobile friendly, then you are missing on the sales.

Add new features to the site.

One of the most important reason to change your current website is to add new features that help in marketing. E.g. Store Locator, Document Manager, Social Media Widgets etc.