Our Creative Design Process

circle wordpressWe have devised a website design process that is both systematic as well as easy to understand and implement. Our emphasis is on minimum trouble for the client, while we breeze through at each step of the way. For better understanding, we have divided our design process into 8 manageable steps.

1. Inquiry

The process starts when you first sound us out with your requirements. We welcome every thought, idea, proposal or query with an open mind. No inquiry is dismissed at the first instance. All we require from you is the idea you have in your mind and an estimated budget to realize the idea. We are flexible when it comes to negotiating the price. So, don’t hesitate! Just shoot your plan!

2. Fructifying the Proposal

Once we hear from you, we will study your proposal. If we require any additional information, we will ask for the same. When we feel that we have enough information, we will fructify the proposal and send it to you along with the rough estimate. The quote is just an estimate. The important thing at this stage is the meeting of the minds. We will appreciate if you can get a feel of our company and determine if we are the right fit for your project. We can be flexible on the prices.

3. The Roadmap

Welcome aboard! Now that we have reached this stage, we’ll work in close association with you to realize your ideas. This stage, essentially, gives you the roadmap ahead, and includes:

  1. identifying the results you are looking to achieve through extensive discussions;
  2. collecting any content and collateral for your website/application so that we can draw up a proper structure.
  3. producing a wireframe prototype that will identify the key features and how they will fit in the entire scheme of things. We take care not to give you verbose specification documents, rather a ‘wireframe’ prototype is given for easy understandability.

4. Design Stage

In this stage, we will actually finalize few designs for your website/application after extensive in-house R&D on what is the best design for your desired objective. The design will convey the general look and feel for your website/application. Generally, a provisional design is constant for every page of the website/application with appropriate tweaks in the internal pages

5. Development Stage

Now starts the operative part of the project where we put our heads together to make everything work. After you have finalized the design, we use several cutting-edge open source technologies to make the selected design work for your website/application. Some of the technologies we rely upon include PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Joomla!, etc. The open-source technologies are both affordable as well as time-savers!

6. Testing Stage

Once we are through with the initial implementation of the design, we will give you a working link to test it online and assess for yourself how it works. In this stage, any kind of feedback and amendment requests are welcome. You can provide us with your inputs and we will ensure that all your suggestions are analyzed and implemented in the designs before too much time and effort has been invested.

7. Launching Stage

The finished product is ready to launch!

Once the design has undergone testing and amendment phase, a final approval is sought from the client. Upon getting your green signal, we will perform all the rituals required to launch the website/application.

8. Post-Launch Review and Analysis

Immediately after launch, your website/application needs to be monitored closely. Live tests are done on the website to identify and fix any bugs, errors, and make any tweaks required to improve its functioning. We will also review the website from the point of view of relevance in the Search Engine results, and suggest you ways to improve its Search Engine ranking.