circle wordpressWant to stay ahead of your customers trends? Then take the advantage of the Magento experience. With everyday changes in customer’s behavior you would need to copy up with innovations bringing the stakes to your tables. Have the flexibility in making changes to customize and create unique experiences. To adapt to these changes, Magneto helps you to stay ahead in the buying patterns.

We, at Expert Village Media, have a strong team of experienced Magento developers providing solutions to ever changing scenario of ecommerce ventures. With many innovators at your disposal, we help you to be ahead of the competition.

Our main features

Developing Store Design

Making shopping experience a memorable one, requires skill and innovation. Having a hayward stores is not proper sign for moving ahead in your business. Our team of developers are adept in designing your e-commerce stores to give your customers the buying edge. We have delivered best solutions to range of clients from merchandise shipping to promotions providing the best payment gateways with smooth online transactions

Custom Products Options

Magento Cart allows for products with custom options, attributes with unique prices e.g. Color Swatch, Uploading an Image, Custom Text for each product. Each product can have multiple images with Zoom feature. The products are easy to manage and edit. We can also have configurable products or grouped products for your requirement. We can have special offers on all products.

Payment Integration

We have efficient and secure transactions using credit cards or other payment methods such as PayPal, Worldpay and The payment gateway options show on the checkout page and after a successful checkout, the buyer is automatically redirected to the Payment Gateway. We can also build and source out payment gateways modules as per your requirements.

Migration of data

With changes happening in online stores, there are frequent transfer of data from one system to other which requires experienced hands while migrating confidential data. Our team are certified and qualified to handle migration of data with help of proper programs and configuration. With our service you can be assured of maintaining confidentiality and security during process of migration.

Developing theme

Every business has its own unique needs and requirements. To cater to those needs, the Magento are defined with specific themes that are complimentary to your objectives. Hence, with your ideas and thoughts our experienced team work towards getting your objectives portrayed with specified themes.

Managing extensions

The changes to your business is reflected through changes to your upgrades which also involves migration of data. The changes to your scenario brings about changes to extensions in software which is taken care of by our experienced developers. Our team also help in integrating with the extension and make the necessary changes till you are satisfied.


With changes in business requirements comes changes to online stores. Our team work towards satisfying your needs to provide better interface with your customers making it more efficient and manageable. We customize to your customers’ needs bringing smile to your face and satisfaction to customer.

After service support

We have provision of 24×7 technical support to any query you post and offer insight to all your concerns. We maintain confidentiality and security of your data to keep loyal customers.