How much will my website cost?

Primarily, the cost would depend on the information to be included and the site’s complex details like database, e-commerce, animation etc. The quotes are based on construction of website, registering of domain name and hosting of website. Our specialty is our transparent yet lowest prices for entrepreneurs, individuals and startups to help them establish their place.

Do you provide customized website?

Yes. We mainly cater to customers’ requirements and design based on your recommendations. This prompts us to avoid templates, thereby focusing on customization that involves revision.

Do you outsource your work?

Our main core work like Web Designing, E-commerce are handle by a dedicated in-house team with a single co-ordination person. To enhance quality to our work, we employ freelance writers and SEO consultants.

On completion of work, who owns website?

With all work completed and payment settlements, you are owner of the website. The code are 100% open source for your developer to edit. We ensure that all data and files are transferred to you.

On completion of work, who owns website?

With all work completed and payment settlements, you are owner of the website. The code are 100% open source for your developer to edit. We ensure that all data and files are transferred to you.

How long do you provide support after launch?

We provide 3 months support for every website that includes maintenance contract. But it is not limited to the above mentioned. You could contact for any query.

Which CMS system would you suggest for website management?

Although Joomla is most preferred with its easy add-ons, most of our clients prefer ‘WordPress’.

What are your design process?

Our design and development process involves

  • Gathering information
  • Planning activities
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Testing and deliverance
  • Maintenance

What other services would you be providing?

We provide web hosting, domain name, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Through process of hosting your website, a domain name links your customers to your brand. The link between the server and your browser is secure and private through the SSL connection. Our servers are based in the U.S, namely LiquidWeb, which is quick and reliable.

Will I be able to view my website while being built.

Yes, we provide access to view the pages during design stage allowing any revisions to be incorporated.

How is a site kept up-to-date?

Your site will include an integrated Content Management System (CMS). This means that you will be able to add and manage all content, at any time, via a passworded login, using your normal web browser. Having investigated and evaluated all of the most popular and appropriate CMS software packages available and based on the information provided, we will use the best CMS option for your new web site. Choosing an open source CMS solution also saves months of development time which would otherwise have been spent designing and developing a bespoke solution.

I do not like my current web site. Is it possible for Red Rhino to change it at a reasonable price, so I end up with the site I want?

Possibly. If your site has been designed to an acceptable standard, we will work with you to re-design your current web site to meet your expectations and at a cost-effective price. We do not see the point in hard selling our clients or prospective clients to create a web site that is more involved than their need. However, we aren’t prepared to simply ‘patch-up’ a poorly designed or ill-performing site – in those circumstances, we’ll tell you upfront that your site isn’t worth fixing.

Do you write the site content?

We will listen to our clients and take the time to understand both their business and their aims. But you have to provide us with the content – after all, you know your business better than we do! However, we do edit and re-present your content to make it ‘search-engine friendly’ where necessary.

Do you test the site before it goes live?

Yes, all sites designed by Red Rhino are fully tested before submitting your site for viewing. Incorrect coding, broken links, missing pages and missing images project a negative impression about your business and its products and services. Before making your web site live for viewing, each and every page go through stringent error-check tests to validate the coding, internal links and image references. The site is also viewed over a wide range of monitor resolutions and major browsers to ensure acceptable compatibility.

Once my site is live on the Internet, I can just sit back and wait for the millions to visit it, can’t I?

No. Firstly you won’t get millions of people to your site. Only massive corporate sites could expect that amount of traffic. You’ll do much better continually reviewing your Internet marketing techniques and building a steady, growing flow of visitors to your site. Constantly look for new ways to promote your site. Target your audience and make use of the Internet’s interactive capabilities, like social media promotion, if suitable (it isn’t always suitable!). You can find creative ways of being discovered by thousands of people if you work at it. If you’re prepared to invest in online advertising, we can set-up and manage a pay-per-click PPC account with Google Adwords.

Why do I need to hire someone to design my web site?

Fair question. With all the fancy software and online resources available you could design, set-up and manage your own site. But, then again, you could also sell your own house, write your own will and even defend yourself in court but it is unlikely that you would undertake these important tasks all on your own without bringing in a professional advisor.

Sure, an off-the-shelf package will create a web site for you but there are some important considerations. You will have to know HTML in order to be able to manipulate the page to just how you want it. You will also find you’ll need a professional graphics package to design and create your images. You’ll have to learn about the different image formats, graphic techniques and how to reduce file sizes for quicker downloads. You’ll have to learn about style-sheets, programming, search engines and how to promote your site. Then, when your site is finished, you’ll have to know how to upload your site and manage your emails. To design and maintain your own site, you will have to learn the newest technologies available and obtain all the tools, software, hardware, skills and equipment necessary, then muster up some good ol’ fashioned creativity, imagination and artistic ability. Some people just don’t have the time or ability to take this on themselves. That is why we are here.

I have little or no knowledge of the Internet and I have no time to learn. Does this prevent me having a web site created?

Certainly not. You run your business and let us organise the web site.