Why Use WordPress for your Business Website

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WordPress is one of the most popular content management system available today and undoubtedly the best. It is overtaken all other CMSs in terms of usage.
More than 60% CMS based websites are using WordPress. Here are some of the points that has made WordPress so popular.

Business Plugins

There are several business related plugins that are available free of costs or is inexpensive. You have plugins for Support Tickets, CRM, Project Management and also eCommerce. You can install them from the WordPress repository with a click of a button.

Each category has several choices some paid and some free. In the CRM category, there are plenty of plugins to choose from. Similar there are many for Project Management etc.

Document Manager

You have install a document manager in your WordPress site which will enable you to easily handle your documents, categories them and also be searchable. You can upload your documents PDF, DOC files and people can view them online. You can also have an archive of old files for reference.

Catalog Site.

WordPress has several plugins for Product display and viewing. WooCommerce is a similar product, where you can add products and categories and a product page which will give you complete details of the products and its information.

All the products are well laid out and systematically arranged so that it is easily searchable and you can browse them with easy.

ECommerce Intergation

WordPress has several options for integrating payment gateway within the system. You can accept payment online by adding a simple form or linking a product or services to it. You can integrate Paypal, 2checkout and other popular payment gateway into your business website. Most of all company have available Payment Plugins for the same.

Images, Media can be integrated

You can easily add your videos and presentation to the WordPress site within your pages. You can upload images using a tool that is inbuilt WordPress. Youtube or Vimeo videos can easily be incorporated by simply adding their url or embed code.

Easy to use.

Have you worked on Joomla CMS? If so, then you will know that it is a tedious task to configure the components, menu, articles, modules and sef urls as it has so many options. It is sometimes a nightmare for a website designer to setup and customize the template in a joomla site.

Whereas for WordPress, it is a breeze. The articles are simple to post and you can easily and a menu item using Drag and Drop. Widget can be easily added and configured as they have fewer options. Positions are a systematically laid out and easy to add within a template.

Most clients wants to edit the content on their website but they have didn’t want to pay for or wait for on a webmaster to do the job. WordPress solves this all problems as you want easily edit the content just like any Word Processor.

You can create a new page or post, then add your text, upload some images and by a simple click of a button, your new page will be added in your website.

Open Source

WordPress is open source that means the source code is open and you have the freedom to modify the same as per your requirements. It is also FREEe and you can download the same from their website.

Dynamic Functionality And Seo Friendly

WordPress offer some powerful features and plugins like News Manager, Events, Social Media Feeds, Calendar, Video Galleries, Slideshows, Blogging, Commenting. These plugins makes the site interactive and dynamic. This is helpful in SEO promotion and greatly improves your ranking.

You have many FREE tools for optimization and onpage SEO. You have plugins to link the site with Social Media and other portals using WordPress API. You can post once and it will be automatically posted to other Social Medias.

WordPress is very famous for blogging and all blogs are search engine friendly with archives, categories, media and tagging.

This will help your website to outrank your competition.

Safe And Secure And Integration

WordPress has been around for more than a decade and it is now a very stable and mature software. Security has always been a major concern among developers and hence WordPress has been designed keeping the security compliance in mind.

It is safe to run a website on WordPress. Moreover there are a lot of tools available to enhance Security.

Easy to use Interface and very flexible

One important thing about WordPress, that it has a very simple yet powerful interface. It is without doubt easily adaptable and you can be a pro blogger within days of using WordPress. The interface is so user friendly, that you can easily find your way around the control panel.

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